Set up and configuration

Guiding you through getting started

We work closely with you from the outset to ensure you get the maximum benefit and ROI from your platform from strategy through to implementation.

1. Discovery

What are your project goals, strategic objectives, user needs and business requirements from the platform? Defining success at the start of the project helps us understand, define and prioritise the requirements.

2. Assessment

What material have you currently got? Who produces it and for what purpose? You should assess all existing artwork to decide what you should turn into templates. We can give you an audit spreadsheet and guidelines on completing this process or help you by running a workshop.

We are dedicated to helping you build a platform and templates that people will enjoy using.

3. Definition

After assessment we create a definitive list of templates you want for launch. We will also agree and define any additional set-up services.

4. Build

We put together a timeline for setting up your platform and developing your templates ready for your launch date. You are kept fully in the loop throughout the development process.

5. Training & launch

Your designated Product Owner team gets in-depth training prior to launch. We can help you plan employee on-boarding to help maximise user engagement.

Your dedicated Account Manager who has worked with you throughout the set up continues to be on hand post-launch to advise and support you on how to get the best from your templates and the platform.

Want to make easy to use templates?

We've made hundreds of templates for all kinds of marketing and communication material. Talk to us about your challenges and we can help.